• Buerger's disease
It is a disease commonly called "obstructive thromboangiitis", which is caused by inflammation of arteries of relatively small diameter in the lower leg or superior arteries, narrowing of the arteries (stenosis), clot formation, and clogging of blood vessels.
  • Process and Symptoms
◈ The wound area does not heal easily.
Step 1. legs (calf) pulled so hard to walk a lot
Step 2. Your skin is cold and your skin turns red and white.
Step 3. The skin feels hot, and the skin becomes purple due to blood circulation disorder, and it becomes discolored and discolored.
Step 4. Pain and discoloration of the skin is accompanied by pain.
Step 5. The skin turns black and is accompanied by severe pain Especially at night, the pain is worse and I can not sleep.
Step 6. Severe pain accompanies necrosis.
Step 7. Blood circulation medication and pain control medication.
Step 8. Abdominal sympathicotomy.
Step 9. It is a disease that is finished by cutting the site.
  • Treatment Course
It treats the diseases such as hypoxia and blood circulation disorder by inhaling the high concentration oxygen in the hyperbaric oxygen treatment machine in about 1 hour and 30 minutes in the environment of 2.0 ~ 2.5 atmospheres once a day.
At least 10 consecutive treatments are recommended, and the frequency and duration of treatment depend on the patient's vascular and disease status and symptoms.