• Caisson disease
When deeply submerged in the water, it suddenly rises without decompression (phenomenon of decrease of peripheral pressure). Nitrogen is left as bubbles in human tissue and blood due to difference in pressure. Arthritis, joint pain, dyspnea, chest pain, itchy skin, Embolism, pulmonary dilatation, and pulmonary rupture.
  • Bone necrosis caused by Caisson disease
The Bone necrosis progresses to this osteoporotic osteonecrosis when the diver is continuously accumulating without treating the decompression sickness of the limb, even though it is shallow water depth, but staying for about 6 hours (repetition) per day. Currently, only the artificial joint surgery and hyperbaric oxygen therapy are concluded when it is proved to be a probable osteonecrosis.
  • Body parts with frequent Bone necrosis
  • Bone necrosis treatment cases