• Diabetes Foot Necrosis(Diabetic foot)
It is the most typical problem that can occur in the foot of a diabetic patient, and a foot ulcer caused by the skin or mucous tissue tearing of the foot is not recovered and is necrotic.
  • Causes of diabetic foot necrosis
The major cause of diabetic foot necrosis is ‘diabetic neuropathy and vascular disease’, which is accompanied by diabetic vascular complications and neurological complications, causing damage to nerves and dyskinetic sensation. It is difficult to do, it is easy to get scratched, and it does not easily heal when a wound occurs.
  • Symptoms and treatment of diabetic foot necrosis (diabetic foot)
If symptoms such as numbness, burning sensation, numbness, inflammation, ulceration necrosis, sleep disorder, etc. occur, you should first treat and treat many specialists who have experienced diabetic foot necrosis treatment.
When the diabetic foot of the symptom is left unattended The sensation of the foot becomes dull and leads to the cutting.
Look at the changes in your feet. You should carefully check your soles for changes such as wounds, blisters, corns, and reddish spots.
  • Treatment Course
It treats the diseases such as hypoxia and blood circulation disorder by inhaling the high concentration oxygen in the hyperbaric oxygen treatment machine in about 1 hour and 30 minutes in the environment of 2.0 ~ 2.5 atmospheres once a day.
At least 10 consecutive treatments are recommended, and the frequency and duration of treatment depend on the patient's vascular and disease status and symptoms.
  • Diabetic foot necrosis focused treatment center operation